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A little more about my art

Wire Wrapping is a craft technique known in jewelry for using metal without the aid of soldering or molding. No type of agent (glue for example) that can join parts is also necessary.

The cohesion of the jewel as a whole therefore depends entirely on the know-how of the craftsman, and on the way in which the threads are worked, curved and braided.

Researchers have found jewelry or jewelry components made of spiral wire (spirals are frequently found in Wire wrapping) in different places, such as in the royal tombs of Ur (Sumerian city), in Egyptian, Nordic tombs or even in remnants of ancient Rome. Some jewelry may date from around 2000 BC.

Thanks to this very old craft technique, I create my jewelry using copper wires that I braid by hand as the artists and creators of the time could do.

Very attracted by Nordic beliefs, I also work with runes. The Vikings gave runes magical powers. They wore them on amulets for protection. They were used to question his fate and predict his future.

In my jewels, I wanted to associate the properties of the stones with the omens of the runes in order to make real talismans.

I also make custom creations, do not hesitate to contact me.

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